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Discover What the Internet has to Offer

The CASHU payment account is similar to a traditional debit card for online payments. The largest internet payment solution in the Middle East and North Africa allows you to pay and transfer money online without risk of theft, fraud or your personal information being revealed.

Flexible Top-up Options

You can fund your CASHU account using CASHU Refill Coupon, bank transfer, and more. CASHU Refill Coupon are available in five options, and have stored values of USD 10, 30, 50, 100 and 300.

Widely Available

CASHU prepaid cards are available in all the countries in the GCC, Middle East and North Africa, and via Ukash, we're accessible in Europe as well. Refer to our Buy CASHU page to find a reseller in your country

Pay using CASHU

With over 7000 registered merchants, you can buy VoIP credits, web hosting space, books and music, and play the hottest online games using CASHU. Visit the CASHU Mall to know more.